What is the process if we would like a quote for an extension/renovation?
Contact our office via phone or email and we can discuss your project. We can provide an estimate if your project is in its early stages or quote off a set of plans.

We have a set budget. Is this ok?
Yes, having a budget set allows us to adapt a design to suit your individual needs. Alternatively if you do not have a budget and you would like an estimate for your project we can happily provide this for you prior to moving forward to the quoting stage.

Do you assist with council/shire approvals?
We do include all relevant council/shire approvals as part of our package including engineer’s details. If the project does not involve any major structural changes or is not extending outside the buildings existing footprint then council approvals may not be required.

Do we have to move out of the house during the extension/renovation process?
During major projects or more intrusive works we will stage the works where possible to minimise the disruption so you can continue to reside at the property. We also use dust barrier systems, and hoarding systems to keep the dust contained and offer as much privacy as possible.

Can I still use my kitchen/bathroom whilst it is being renovated?
This is dependant on the scope of the renovation being undertaken as in some instances it may not be possible. We do have the facility however to arrange for the installation of temporary kitchen and bathroom facilities during the project.

Does our water get turned off for the duration of the renovation?
If it is deemed necessary it would only be done so on a temporary basis. We can also provide temporary taps or connections if required.

Do we supply the fixtures & fittings?
In our experience, most clients wish to choose their own fixtures and fittings and we encourage you to be involved in the selection process. However, if you prefer to leave it to us, we will happily select and supply these as part of our package.

Do I have to organise sub contract or specialist trades?
We include all trades as part of our package. On very few occasions we have handed the project over at lockup stage for the client to carry out the finishing trades themselves. We have no problem doing this however these final items would not be covered by our warranty.

Do you do outdoor renovations/projects or just indoor?
We do! We have completed projects such as decks, patio’s, alfresco extensions and hard landscaping works.

How long will the extension/renovation take?
This is a difficult question to answer as all projects are different. An average bathroom renovation will take approximately 4 weeks. Extension projects will usually run for 3-5 months depending on the size and design. Factors such as design and weather need to be taken into account when looking at timeframes.

What happens if we’re not happy with something during the renovation/extension process?
We strive to ensure the process runs smoothly from the onset and your supervisor will liaise with you throughout the process, therefore should any queries arise please direct them to your supervisor.

Do you remove all rubbish from the site?
We will carry out a site tidy up at the end of each day and a larger site clean at the end of each major stage of construction. If the site access does not permit a waste skip bin on site then staged waste collections will be undertaken to keep the site clean and tidy.